Dear Students,


The elections of the programme representatives 2020/21 have ended on Thursday, 1st October 2020 at 18 pm.

There was a tie in the votes for two programs. In this case, the date of submission of the candidature was decisive in accordance with Art. 15 para. 2 of the Regulations on Elections and Voting of 23 March 2011.

We would like to thank all the candidates for their participation. Elected representatives are as listed:



English Track: Rupanya Goël

German Track Math: Bonifay Jérémie

                                  Sylaj Nife

German Track Law: Fischediek Yule



BWL: Völler Lena

Law & Eco: Graf Ivo

VWL: Salem Andrea 

IA: Schmid Lukas

LAW: Arndgen Charlotte



MBI: Leser Léonie

MAccFin: Ziemke Faustin

SIM: Raml Lorenz

MUG: Gasser Magdalena

MiQEF: Stromeyer Cara

MiMM: Hessel Isabella

MBF: Waldhausen Nils

MIA: Moroni Giacomo

MIL: Fink Joanna Izabela

MLE: Baur Marius

MLAW: Limoncelli Nico

MOK: Stolle Anna

MEcon: Portmann Luca

JMM: Koch Jana



PMA: Li Thomas

DIA: Pistor Simon

DOK: Tschopp Flavio

PiF: Weigand Alois

PEF: Polivka Jeannine


Further Progams:

Wirtschaftspädagogik: Baumann Benno

Data Science Fundamentals: Eduardo Ludwig Bernardo

Managing Climate Solutions: Volkmann Maria


The results of the election are accessible through this LINK The appeal deadline runs until Friday, 16th October 2020, 18:00.


We congratulate the elected representatives and wish them a successful year.