Dear student!


The semester has just started which means that the election of the program representatives is approaching. Apply as programme representative for your degree course and raise your voice for your fellow students!


As program representative you are a member of the Students' Parliament, which develops positions concerning matters of university politics and represents the students' opinion towards the university. Additionally, it determines the allocation of funds within the Students' Union and oversees the Board of the Student Union. As program representative you also have the possibility to meet with the people responsible for your program at the university. That's how you can directly support your fellow students, articulate wishes or talk about problems. The term of a program representative ends in CW 40 2021. Basic German speaking skills are required. Extend your horizon and your network in the next two semesters and apply now as programme representative!


Who gets elected?

As student of your programme - from Assessment to PhD - you get to elect your programme representative or run as candidate for your programme yourself. Additionally, representatives for the supplementary programmes "Wirtschaftspädagogik", "Buch- und Medienwirtschaft", "Wirtschaftsjournalismus", Data Science Fundamentals as well Managing Climate Solutions get elected. Assessment students are represented by four candidates: One from the English track, one from the German track with the legal elective and two from the German track with the mathematical elective.


What do I get as representative of my programme?

You get to contribute to determining the Student Unions' orientation, can take part at the Student Unions' events and get to expand your network among professors and students of all programmes.


How much effort do I have as programme representative?

You get to take part at the meetings of the Students' Parliament (3-4 every semester, on evenings) and to express the inputs of your fellow students. Furthermore, you have to take part on the meetings of one of the five parliamentary commissions (commission of politics, law, finance, of the board or of the initiatives), which are scheduled according to demand. You can schedule the meetings with the programme administration according to demand as well, one meeting per semester is mandatory.


I want to be the representative of my program! How do I apply?

  1. Download the attached form of candidacy.
  2. Fill in the form completely.
  3. Send it to until Monday, the 21st of September at 8am (Word and PDF).


I'm not sure about my candidacy or have another question. Whom can I contact?

Don't hesitate to send a mail with your question to


The elections' schedule:

  • Application deadline: Monday, 21.09.2020, 8am
  • Publication of the candidacies: Monday, 21.09.2020 (notice in the library building and online)
  • Election: Monday, 28.09.2020, 8am to Thursday, 01.10.2020, 6pm (online via
  • Publication of the results: the latest Friday, 02.10.2020, 6pm


You can find more information on the Students' Parliament and the elections on


We're looking forward to receiving your candidacies and wish you a good start for this semester!


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