Elecetion results for program representative and School of Finance


Dear Students,


The elections of the programme representatives 2018/19 have ended on Thursday, 4thOctober 2018 at 18 pm.


We would like to thank all the candidates for their participation. Elected are as listed:


School of Finance:              Luca Barbatti



English Track:                        Ezechiel Durrleman       

German Track Math:              Francesca Bosmediano Viggiani & Ivo Graf



BWL:                                     Niels Rotthaus

LE:                                        Timon Hufschmid

VWL:                                     Frederic Koch

IA:                                        Fabio Paulitti

LAW:                                     Julia Bischof



MBI:                                      Laura Küng

MiMM:                                   Simon Gries

MAccFin:                                Fabian Tambour

SIM:                                      Tim Steppich

MUG:                                     Tim Ziegler

MiQuEF:                                Marius Koechlin

MIA:                                      Alina Eichrodt

MIL:                                      Julia Gruber

MLE:                                     Oliver Pestalozzi

MLAW:                                   Elena Dittli

MEcon:                                  Margaret Green   



PMA:                                     Hannah Leimert

PEF:                                      Jeannine Polivka

PiF:                                       Alois Weigand

DIA:                                      Simon Pistor

DOK:                                     Flavio Tschopp     

DLS:                                     Dario Buschor


Further Training:

Wirtschaftspädagogik:             Lisa Strub

Data Science Fundamentals:   Paul Stephan


The results of the election are accessible through here. The appeal deadline runs until Friday, 19th October 2018, 18:00.


We congratulate the elected representatives and wish them successful year in the Student Parliament