Financial aspects of your studies aren't always easy to handle. To tackle the issue, the SHSG introduced two funds. There, financial support can be asked for and allocated by the committees of those funds.


Fund for the Promotion of Student Commitment 

The Student Union of the University of St.Gallen offers different funds for the promotion of student interests. The Fund for the Promotion of Student Commitment supports student projects or initiatives and student associations. For more information check the rules document that you can download below.


Social and Cultural Fund

The Social and Cultural Fund supports student initiatives and the improvement of the social situation of students of the University of St.Gallen. Every matriculated student who has a valid student ID has the right to apply for financial support. The documents will be provided upon request, please contact

  • Regulations Social and Cultural Fund

  • Practical Guide Social Commission

  • Application for Child Care Contribution


Both funds mentioned above are financed by semester contributions, by excess profits and by contributions from the Career Services Center (CSC). For questions or requests for funds, please contact