Student Parliament (StuPa)



The Student Parliament (StuPa) is the legislative body of the Student Union. It consists of Committee representatives (e.g. School of Management) and Programme representatives (e.g. Bachelor Business Administrator or Assessment). The former are elected by all students, while the latter are elected only by students of the respective programme. In coordination with the Board, the Student Parliament defines the official opinion of the Student Union in university-related matters and is authorized to make decisions in all matters that have not been delegated to other bodies. It grants the Board its democratic legitimacy and assumes a control function by authorizing the strategy, budget, and bills of the Board. The Student Parliament further is responsible for the composition and duties of other student bodies and elects student representatives into committees of the university management (e.g. research committee or scholarship fund committee).


Composition of the StuPa


The Students’ Parliament is made up of Committee representatives and Programme representatives. 


Committee representatives

The Committee representatives are elected by the entire student body in spring. They take part in the university management committees’ sessions and hold full voting rights. These committees include the different schools (departments) and the Senate of the University (which is comprised, among others, of all the tenured professors).


Programme representatives

The Programme representatives are elected by students of the respective programmes. Each programme (e.g. Bachelor BWL, Master in Banking & Finance, etc.) elects a representative. Assessment year students elect multiple representatives – two for the math elective, one for the law elective and one for the English track. Programme representatives ensure the exchange between the students and the respective programme management as well as the Student Union.