Election of the programme representatives + SoF representative


Make your voice heard and take an active part in the continuing development of your programme!

The election for programme representative will be held online from Monday, 30. September, 8 a.m. until Thursday, 03. October 6 p.m. To candidate as representative send the completed candidacy form to wahlbuero@shsg.ch until Monday, 23rd September 2019, 8 a.m.

As a programme representative you are member of the Students' Parliament which formulates the strategy of the entire Student Union, supervises the Board of the Student Union as well as its budgets.
In addition, you will meet your programme's professors as well as Directors in regular meetings and discuss the current development of your programme. Therefore, you'll be able to broaden your horizon and extend your network during your tenure that lasts until CW 40.


What programmes are there?

Each programme elects its own representative. We will also elect representatives for the additional qualifications in Business Education, Book and Publishing Studies and Business Journalism. The Assessment Year will be able to elect one representative from the English track, two representatives from the German track with Maths as elective as well as one representative studying law. You can find a complete list with all the programmes on the candidacy form.


What do I get?

You decide on the strategic orientation of the Student Union, represent the interest of your programme's students and contribute to its development and improvement. In addition, you'll be able to enlarge your network among professors and students of all levels.


What do I need to do?

You will participate in three sessions per semester of the Students' Parliament and represent inputs of your fellow students. Furthermore you'll meet your programme's Directors and give a general feedback as well as discuss the further development of your programme. It is required to understand German, although during the sessions you can speak English as well.


SoF representative

Do you want to engage on the university’s highest political stage? Do you want to influence and model the future of our university? Do you want to be discussing with Thomas Bieger and Vito Roberto on an equal footing?


Now is your chance! Apply to be a committee member and represent your fellow students in the School of Finance The term of office will expire on the 31st May 2020.


What are the schools?

The schools are composed of all the ordinaries of the all the different chairs. At our university, these chairs are traditionally linked to the institutes. 


What is your duty as a committee member?

Your duty as a committee member is to represent the opinion of the student body at the four school meetings during the semester. In the communications with professors you have full voting rights.
Every elected committee will automatically be member of the student parliament. The student parliament has 3–4 meetings each semester.


Who can candidate?

Every student can apply to the School of Finance, independent of her or his program and level of study. Your duty as a committee member is to introduce and represent the opinion of the student body at the four school meetings during the semester.

How do I candidate?

  1. Download the attached candidacy form (Program representative) candidacy form (SoF).
  1. Fill it out completely.
  1. Send it to wahlbuero@shsg.ch until Monday, 23rd September 8 a.m.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact the electoral office.

Process of election

Deadline for applications: Monday, September 23rd 8 a.m.

Candidacies are being posted: Monday, September 23rd

Election: Monday, October 30th, 8 a.m. until Thursday, October 3rd, 6 p.m.

Introduction Session: Tuesday, October  8th, 6.15 p.m.

First Parliamentary Session: Thursday, October 15th, 6.15 p.m.


We are looking forward to many candidates and wish you an exciting election!


Your SHSG electoral office

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