Welcome to Bereich G!

We are the gastronomic initiative of the Student Union and stand behind the bar of the on-campus bar, [ad]hoc, and the off-campus bar, MeetingPoint, to supply you with liquid fuel and snacks. Additionally, we organize legendary Student Union parties, a must for every HSG student. We make the best cappuccinos on campus. Are you on your way out or have you earned a drink after classes? Come by MeetingPoint and let the barkeepers work their magic.

We are non-profit and run by the Student Union!

Thanks to the fact that we are a non-profit organization, we offer everything at unrivaled prices. Never been to MeetingPoint or [ad]hoc? Check out what you’ve missed and come by and get to know our menu!  

As we are a Student Union initiative, all the employees in [ad]hoc and MeetingPoint are HSG students. Would you like to gain some experience in the service industry, be responsible for the comfort of your guests or maybe become bar manager in MeetingPoint to implement your own ideas? These are just some of the benefits Bereich G can offer you. We are looking forward to your application, and with a bit of luck, soon you will stand behind our counter!







If you have questions, you can send us an email anytime! Follow us on Facebook to keep up-to-date with our events and product range! See you soon!


Cheers, your Bereich G team!

Gastro Pass

Buy the GastroPass at the beginning of the semester and profit from even cheaper prices!

With the GastroPass there is a 1CHF discount on every drink (e.g. coffee, beer, etc.) and snack (e.g. muffin, sandwich, etc.) you buy throughout the whole semester, both in [ad]hoc and MeetingPoint! This way, a cappuccino will only cost CHF1.50 and a beer only CHF2! It really is worth it. You can buy the GastroPass for only CHF39 in [ad]hoc. And you won’t have to carry an extra card, the GastroPass will appear on your student card the next time you validate it (takes 1-2 days)!


The MeetingPoint was founded in May 2006 as the first student-owned bar of the University of St. Gallen. It is situated at the bottom of the Rosenberg. As the MeetingPoint is registered as an official association meeting place, it is not open to the public, only students with a valid student ID can enter (irrelevant from which university, FH or PH).

The “MP” is a popular gathering point and an initial stop into the St. Gallen nightlife. Surely you will know our “Happy Hour”, HSG style, from your fresher’s week? If not, it’s worth to come by every night between 8pm and 9pm! We also organize many party highlights, like the Assessment Fresher’s Week, Coyote Ugly and lots others. On top of this, MeetingPoint is the location of the famous HSG-Beerpong WorldCup: The spots are highly coveted, so follow our Facebook page for updates.


Renting MeetingPoint: Are you looking for a room for a student club event, a party or a private celebration? MeetingPoint can be cheaply rented, both during official opening times and at other times, optionally also with a barkeeper.

Additionally, we also offer whiskey, rum or gin tastings with expert guidance by Glenfahrn or a cocktail course with the bar manager of MeetingPoint.

Adress: Blumenbergplatz 9, 9000 St. Gallen

Opening Hours during the semester:
Wed., Thu., Fri. 8pm-12am (if busy Fridays until 1pm)
Closed during lecture-free time, as well as semester breaks.

Opening Hours during fresher’s week:

Mon.-Wed. 8pm-12am, closed Thursday, Friday 8pm - open end


The [ad]hoc is the fulfilment of a long-held dream of many HSG generations of a café/bar on campus. The [ad]hoc, contrary to the MeetingPoint is open to the public. It is located directly next the main cafeteria. The [ad]hoc can also be rented for private or student club events outside of regular opening hours.


Insider tip for gourmets: During the semester, a typical Bavarian breakfast (white sausage, pretzel and beer) is offered every Friday starting at 10am. A must for students with Bavarian roots and everyone else alike!

Opening hours during the semester (inlc. semester break):
Mon.-Thu. 12pm-12am, Friday 10am-8pm

Opening hours during lecture-free time:
Mon.-Fri. 12pm-2:30pm and 5pm-10pm