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Attention: We extended the application period until Sunday 28th of April, 8am (for SoF, SHSS, SoM and Appeal Committee) 

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Dear students!


Do you want to engage on the university’s highest political stage? Do you want to influence and model the future of our university? Do you want to be discussing with Thomas Bieger and Vito Roberto on an equal footing?


Now is your chance! Apply to be a committee member and represent your fellow students in the schools, the senate or the appeal committee! The term of office will expire on the 31st May 2020.


What committees are there?

  • School of Management (SoM): 4 representatives
  • School of Economics and Political Sciences (SEPS): 4 representatives
  • School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS): 2 representatives
  • School of Finance (SoF): 1 representative
  • Law School (LS): 3 representatives
  • Senate 8 representatives

Appeal Committee

  • Appeal Committee: 2-5 representatives

What are the schools?

The schools are composed of all the ordinaries of the all the different chairs. At our university, these chairs are traditionally linked to the institutes. The institute of marketing is for example in the school of management.


What is the senate?

The senate is composed of every full-time professor, representative of the “Mittelbaus” and the student union. The senate has the final say about the strategy and all decisions of our university.


What is your duty as a committee member?

Your duty as a committee member is to represent the opinion of the student body at the four school meetings during the semester. In the communications with professors you have full voting rights.
Every elected committee will automatically be member of the student parliament. The student parliament has 3–4 meetings each semester.


What does the appeal committee do?

As a member of the appeal committee, your task is to mediate between different bodies of the university, organizational units and indiviual members of the student body in the case of a dispute.

For the appeal committee, every student who is matriculated at the bachelor level or higher may apply.


Who can candidate?

Every student can apply to the different Schools, independent of her or his program and level of study. Your duty as a committee member is to introduce and represent the opinion of the student body at the four school meetings during the semester.


Process of candidate election

Candidacy:         Monday 15th April 2019 8am until Monday 22th April 2019 8am

Elections:          Monday 29th April 2019 8am until Thursday 2th May 2019 6pm


How do I apply?

  1. Download the candidate form on
  2. Fill it out completely.
  3. Send it to by Monday April 22th 2019 8am.


If you have any questions you can write a mail to

We are looking forward to many candidates and wish you an exciting election!


Your SHSG electoral office



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