Winner of the Credit Suisse Teaching Award


This prize was initiated by the Student Union in 2005 to incentivize good teaching. Since 2006, the Credit Suisse Foundation has supported them with prize money of CHF 10'000. At the nomination and choice of the winner all students can participate. A committee of the Student Union selects the proposals of the students. The resulting list of six to ten nominees will then be submitted to the students for a vote. The Credit Suisse Teaching Award is given to the person who receives the most votes. This prize is also awarded with the Mentor Prize at the Dies Academicus.

2019 Dr. Andreas Wittmer
2018 Prof. Dr. Elgar Fleisch
2017 Prof. Dr. Vito Roberto

2016 Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Jenewein

2015 Prof. Dr. Markus Menz

2014 Prof. Dr. Bodo Hilgers  
2013 Prof. Dr. Benjamin Schindler  
2012 Dr. Reto Schuppli  
2011 Prof. James W. Davis, Ph. D.  
2010 Dr. Dirk Schäfer  
2009 Prof. Dr. Manfred Gärtner  
2008 Prof. Dr. Rolf Peter Stieferle  
2007 Prof. Dr. Torsten Tomczak  
2006 Prof. Dr. Kerstin Odendahl  
2005 Prof. Dr. Christoph Frei