Overflowing trains and busses, delayed flights, changing 5x, a snoring neighbor, a screaming kid or long, lonely road trips – who doesn’t know them?

In collaboration with oikos SU, the SHSG is tackling these issues and has created a carpooling service only for members of the university of St. Gallen. Like this, you can get to know new people, all while travelling more simply and protecting the environment. 

Planning your trip gets easier. Using our partner, SAP’s, professional platform, you can organize your trip easily via app or web browser. The whole thing doesn’t take more than two minutes.

Students can use the platform for free, while teachers and university employees pay 11 CHF per year. Price negotiations for the trips will be left up to you!

Students and doctorates can sign up easily using their HSG email address (…@student.unisg.ch or ...@unisg.ch). Other employees of the uni are kindly requested to sent a short email to mitfahrgelegenheit@myunisg.ch to open an account.


Sign up here

Download the app here:



  1. Settings

We would like to point out the “ride preferences” that can be found under the “Settings” menu. There you can enter maximum detour as well as search criteria.

  1. Prices and Payment

We recommend a price of 6.5 Rappen per kilometer covered (usually rounded to the nearest whole number). This would be equivalent to the prices paid on comparable platforms. We also recommend cash payment during the trip.

  1. Good faith

Respectful behavior is expected from every user. This includes taking those trips you arrange – if you must cancel, it should be done as soon as possible – and arriving on time at the meeting point. Of course, you can agree on different terms with mutual consent.

  1. Help & Support

To get started, just visit this page to find out everything you might need to know about the platform. If you have any questions or comments, or in the case of problem, please email us at mitfahrgelegenheit@myunisg.ch.

We are looking forward to your registration and hope you will have a safe drive!