The Student Union SHSG now offers a legal advice service for free – by students for students. The service particularly supports you in the areas of tenant’s law and labour law and offers you practical tips and advice.
Do you live in a shared flat and are you still waiting for your flatmate’s rent? Would you like to get another flatmate but you don’t know what to put in a sublease agreement? Do you work beside your studies and you have problems with the wage payments? Are you not allowed to work from home even though it was promised to you in the contract?
The legal advice service of the SHSG can help you if you have questions like this.
Just send us an e-mail to with your legal problem and please include the following information:
  • name
  • student e-mail address
  • telephone number
  • description of your problem
A student legal advisor will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Of course, your personal information will be treated confidentially. Our General Terms and Conditions (German) apply to all support provided. Any kind of liability is precluded.
The SHSG Legal Advice Service is being supported by the Swiss Mieterinnen- und Mieterverband Ostschweiz.
Questions in the area of tenant’s law may only be sent directly to the SHSG Legal Advice Service.