Assessment Guide


Starting the Assessment Year is a major challenge for many students, and not only in terms for the academic aspects. There are any number of questions new students are likely to have, including how to settle in and find their way in a new environment. The Freshers’ Week provides a very good introduction to the University of St.Gallen, and the optional coaching program allows for personal growth through feedback with professionals. What has been missing, however, is any sort of ongoing support for Assessment students who may have practical questions related to their studies.

  • Where can I get involved?
  • Where are the best parties?
  • What do I need to know for Introduction to Academic Writing?
  • Tips and tricks for learning and examination phase?
  • Integrative Project and academic term paper! How do I get organized?
  • Which major is likely to be the right one for me?
  • Where to find the best burger/drinks in the city?

Since there was no systematic programme that offers practical support to Assessment students, the SHSG and HSG Alumni have decided to develop the Assessment Guide.

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The Assessment Buddy Support allows students from later semesters to help Assessment students with practical problems. That is, a contact person will be available who is familiar with studies in the first year and wants to share his or her experiences.



Participants are matched randomly, while considering the participants' preferences upon inscription.


Benefits for Assessment buddies

  • Social engagement
  • Knowledge transfer and exchange
  • One event each semester with practical coaching for personal development
  • Personal experience from coaching other students


Benefits for Assessment students

  • Receive a person you can trust for personal exchange and coaching
  • Better start with studies
  • Settling in at the HSG and in St. Gallen
  • Support with academic writing
  • Guidance with learning methodology for exams


We are looking for support of the Assessment Guide Team. Please contact us if you are interested. We are looking forward to hearing from you!