The new SHSG-App: Use it and profit twice!

The SHSG and Sharing Solutions, a start-up of the University of St.Gallen (HSG) aim to create an application for some of the most important services for you daily study life. With the new SHSG-App you will be updated not only about the mensa menu, sport activities and relevant news, but also about the clubs, restaurants and latest Stories by prisma. 

Developments you might expect in the upcoming year: 
-The integration of selected university services such as room reservations for group work and the enhancement of the current ones. 
-The introduction of a notification system for exams and assignment deadlines at the HSG. 
-A redesign of the categories “Books, Flats, Furniture” as well as “Associations, Parties, Events”.
-The integration of additional features for internships and work offers for students. 

Use the marketplace and profit twice:

Every 50th ad (flats, books, fruniture) wins a 20 CHF "Bereich" G voucher. The 1000th ad wins a one-year Netflix subscription.*

Thank you for your support! Please do not hesitate to get back to us with suggestions for improvements at


*the winner will be contacted through the app and the SHSG reserves the right to exlcude users from the app and the contest, if a missuse is assumed