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Here you can find a list of all university facilities including contact details and opening hours.

SHSG Kurskatalog If you have a problem with the Course catalog, please email 

Canvas Information regarding your classes
StudentWeb Administrative stuff about your studies
StudentMail Access to your e-mail
Compass Administrative information about your studies
Office 365 Access to Office 365
Library Official website of the library
Menu Mensa See the weekly menu for the mensa
SHSG Course Catalogue Arrange your itinerary
SKK Lecture notes and books for your studies
Group rooms Reservation for team meetings (available via Compass)
Software List of free software
Study Tips for Distance Learning Tips to study when you are at home
PC Tutors IT support for students
Sharing is Caring Facebook group of HSG students
University of St.Gallen Starting page of the official website of the university
Club brochure Information regarding all clubs

Here you will find the link for the Clubs presentation:

This is the link to the StartGuide

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