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About the club

Do you like to play video games on your console from time to time or are you already integrated into the eSports scene?
Then the eSports Club at the University of St. Gallen is the perfect place for you. From relaxing eSports public viewings with a cool beer to fiercely competitive FIFA tournaments. We offer everything a gamer's heart desires.
Our goal is to connect students from the University, who have (or want to develop) a passion for video games, and share some great moments together.
To keep up to date on upcoming events such as a 2vs2 FIFA tournament and public viewings, follow us on our SHSG channel or our Facebook page.






From the casual FIFA-Gamer to a League of Legends expert. From Nintendo fanatics to PC gamers. The eSports Club welcomes anyone who has an affinity for video games or simply eSports. A formal application is not necessary. Follow our Facebook Page for news regarding membership and more!